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Supply List 

2018-2019 Supply List 

5th and 6th Grade GATE


Most returning students should have the supplies listed below.  New students to Redland should purchase all items listed. I have binders and supplies from Mrs. Pinckard's students moving to 5th grade.  Only purchase supplies that need to be replaced.  Hopefully, everyone left flash drives and ear buds in the binders so we will be ready to go when classes start!  The items listed in RED need to be purchased this year along with items that may need to be replaced. Please bring to Open House on August 2nd in a paper bag labeled with your child's name.  Students may bring supplies to our room after school starts if you will not attend Open House. 

5th and 6th Grade: 

1. 1 1/2" or 2" white binder with clear plastic cover (Write your name on the spine if purchasing a new one and we will transfer items from the old one when classes start.)

2. 1 box of No. 2 pencils

3.  1 USB Flash drive (2-4GB)

4.  1 pair of ear buds (small earphones students will keep in binder pouch)

5.  3 ring pencil pouch to keep in binder for flash drives and ear buds

6. 1 box of Crayola Markers

7. Wal-Mart Gift Card – Architecture is the first unit of the year. We will be doing five STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) lessons that require materials for building challenges. Common materials such as straws, index cards, masking tape, etc. will be needed. I will use the gift cards to purchase these supplies. Any left over funds will be used to purchase items for our Good Choice Box and other classroom supplies as needed.

8.  1 pack of divider tabs for sections in binder (ALL students will need a new set this year.)

5th Grade Boys:  Large Elmer's Glue Sticks

5th Grade Girls:  Clorox Wipes

6th Grade Boys:  Paper towels

6th Grade Girls:  3 Notebook Paper Packs 

Thank you for your support of our GATE Program. I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning and discovery. Can’t wait to see my returning students and meet my new 5th Graders! See you soon.